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    mucho kudos to you! image

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    Hey H! Good to see you here! I added a reply about questions, hope that helps. I think you have a few blocks where you can add friends if that's what you are looking for? Are the ones you have now from the old ez board? Not exactly sure how this all works yet either, haha. Talk to you later!

    GC says MEOW!
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  3. 08/31/07

    (((hugs))) back, I love him too, gotta love a monkey with attitude, especially one made of socks! Hoot-Hoot! Snow owls are hoot-i-ful!image

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    Hiya, H!
    Trying to reacquaint myself with this place; it's been so long since I've been here...
    and now they're telling us on, this will be our new home! image

    We'll lean on each other for support...image

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    Peruvian Princess

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    Hiya Helen, Welcome to Yuku land!! image Good to see you on board! Celebration......LOL! alright!!imageimage< that's me !! See you later and just 1 more day......Ahhhhhh!! ((hugs)) ~Gladys

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    Gee, Helen; when did you get here?! image I've been so out of touch! Welcome aboard! ...or should that be, "Welcome, Broad"!!! image hee, hee...


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    Cindy aka Lizzie

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    Woo Hoo!!! image You made it!!! image
    Party on Helen's page!!!imageimageimage

My Occupation

My cousin, Julius, a.k.a. Hegwig, got me a job as his stunt double on all the Harry Potter movies. I enjoyed teasing him about playing a female role! I was required to the more physically demanding scenes. Ha! That was me flying over Hogwarts in that snowstorm. Crashing into platform 9 3/4 had my head spinning so much that I couldn't hunt for nights! Mail duties wasn't bad, except for the heavier items like the Nimbus 2000. Just had my talons done, too! The kids were great to work with. Can't wait for the next one!

My Hobbies

Listening to ThatJoshGrobanGuy! Ahh! His voice sooooths my feathers! Oddly enough, his hair reminds me of the interesting, yet tasty squirrel I had for dinner once. YUM!

My Media

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